The date went so well, why haven’t I heard from him?


You’ve been on a date with an amazing guy.  It went so well, you felt an instant connection, laughed lots and flirted even more.  He is gorgeous and you can’t wait to see him again… but it’s now been 5 days since the date and he hasn’t been in touch since.

Your first thought is that you should have text him after the date to say you had a really nice time… perhaps he’s disappointed that you didn’t and that’s why he hasn’t contacted you.


Maybe his phone has broken and he’s lost all his numbers… he wants to text you but he can’t.


Oh no! What if he’s been in an accident and is seriously ill or hurt


He has a very demanding job, perhaps he’s just been really busy and hasn’t had the chance to text

The thing is… if he hasn’t been in touch, it’s because he hasn’t had the desire to contact you.

If this guy was really into you, he would have text by now.  When a man has met a woman that he really likes, then he can’t help himself but contact her. 

Don’t get me wrong, he may be in touch in the future but currently you’re not his priority.  If you’re ok with that, then wait it out. 

In the meantime, my advice is don’t text him.  If you do and he doesn’t reply, then you’re going to feel awful.   Stay busy, see friends, go on dates with other people… just don’t text him. 

You could contact him and he may reply, however, you’ll never know if he really wanted to speak to you or he was just replying to be polite.  

If he doesn’t get in touch with you, then that’s his loss.  Do you really want to be with a man who can’t even be bothered to contact you?


You want a guy who is so into you that he asks for a second date before the first one is even over, he keeps in regular contact with you as you’re on his mind all the time and his behaviours clearly indicate that he’s really into you.

Don’t waste your time on a man that’s not that into you… it’s much more fun being with someone who adores you!

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