Are you waiting to find love before you follow your dreams and desires?

What are the dreams and desires you have, that you’re currently putting on hold?


Perhaps you’d like to: –

  • Travel to Thailand
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Learn to Salsa
  • Dye your hair pink
  • Snow board
  • Cycle around South America
  • Buy a house
  • Visit the Vatican in Rome
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Start a business

So many of my clients have the most amazing plans for the future but are holding out until they meet their future partner.  They feel that it is something they should do as a couple and therefore they are waiting it out.

The thing is, it’s no good putting your life on hold whilst you wait to find love.  Your future partner will surely want the kind of woman who follows her dreams and has the adventures she desires.  Doing what excites you makes you more interesting and attractive, it helps you to live a life filled with joy and this makes you happier.  Happy women are magnetic.

Plus what if the man of your dreams is on a beach in Ko Samuai.. you don’t want to miss him  😉


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