Do I need to lose weight when I’m looking for love?


In short, the answer is No!

But I know how easy it can be to blame your lack of a partner on the size of your thighs.  My weight has always naturally fluctuated up and down and as a younger woman, I would base my self worth on the number on my scales.

When I was looking for love, I was convinced that I needed to lose weight to ‘compete’ in the singles market.  I was sure that if I lost 14lbs, my dating experiences would be much more positive.

The thing is, some men are attracted to slim women, some like muscular, others love curves and some men adore a voluptuous woman – we are all different and attractive in our own way.  There are thousands of slim women who struggle to find love, just as there as thousands who are overweight and struggling too.  Our body doesn’t stop us meeting men… it’s our self esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

Sexy isn’t a shape… it’s an attitude!

Have a look around and identify women who are happily in a relationship and have a similar body shape to you… pinpoint 10 of these women (they can be friends, acquaintances, people you see on social media or celebrities) and see that body size doesn’t stop you from finding love and being loved.

Show yourself the love you deserve…  Get enough sleep, take long baths, rub luxurious cream into your skin, paint your nails and move your body in a way that feels good (I love dancing and yoga).  If your clothes don’t fit, don’t wait to squeeze back into them (this will just make you feel terrible).  Buy something beautiful in a bigger size, an item that fits well now and makes you feel gorgeous. 

You deserve to be happy and you are worthy of love… but you must know that true love starts from within.

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