Where can I meet quality men?

This is the number 1 question I always get asked as a love and Dating Coach. 

So many women struggle to meet an amazing man but I want you to know that great men are everywhere!  I am often asked for specific ways to meet guys so here are a few examples: 

– When out with friends (I met my husband in a bar when I was out with colleagues)
– online dating
– at a class you’re taking (cooking, dancing, Spanish etc..)
– in a group (eg. a walking group, a meetup group etc..)
– Through friends
– Look at the guys around you, have you been ruling them out as they’re not your usual ‘type’?
– Accept invites to all social occasions, being in a new environment is a great way to meet guys
– Go out to new places alone rather than staying in, i.e. Go to your local coffee shop, artisan market (or whatever interests you) and keep your head high & smile


Many women say to me:

“I’ve tried online dating but I just can’t find anyone”


“I never meet men when I’m out”


“I think most of the good men are taken”

The thing is, meeting your soul mate is less about where you look and more about your mindset.  If you have negative thought patterns around meeting men, then that will be the experience you have.

There’s an old saying that goes “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”

When you keep telling yourself (consciously or unconsciously) that you never meet good men, then that is the experience you will continue to have.  Without even realising it, you will unconsciously look for evidence to prove your theory.. and when you look for something you’ll find it!

The first step is to work on dissolving those negative beliefs… stop and think about what you say to yourself about meeting men.  Are you negative in your self-talk? Are you pessimistic and do you make assumptions?

Big love is available for everyone, but you’ve go to believe it’s true!

Amazing men are everywhere….

 They’re online, in coffee shops, they’re friends of friends and the guy who stands next to you at the train station.

Open your eyes… expect to see these good men and believe me they will start crossing your path regularly ❤

If you’d like help to dissolve the limiting beliefs you have around meeting men, then I’d love to talk to you.  Book a discovery call with me by clicking here


6 thoughts on “Where can I meet quality men?

  1. Every word you say here is true. Women will find the world is full of wonderful men if they’d open their eyes.

    A couple of years ago, a Starbucks in my Connecticut town hosted a wedding for a couple who met there. The bride was a grad student who did her course work at Starbucks. He was an entrepreneur who ran a business from his laptop.

    Over time, they got to know each other and fell in love.


  2. Hi Josie May. The post is great but is this only for young people? I lost my husband when I was 40! I had to start working at that age to put my kids through school. In India, widows are supposed to live a dreary life. Now I am 53 and lonely.I am very positive and I crave for company. In India marriage is for a lifetime and there are very few divorces. Even if I wish to find someone I couldn’t.What should I do??


    1. Hi
      I’m sorry to hear you feel you are unable to have another relationship. I don’t know much about the culture in India but is it possible that there are exceptions to the rule that widows must lead a dreary life? I am sure there will also be men who are widowed looking for a companion. You may have to go against the norm in your country… but you deserve love and companionship. Could you try perhaps to not worry about what others think and be honest with family & friends and let them know that you want another man in your life?
      There will be a man out there looking for a woman just like you and you deserve to be happy again.
      I have done a quick search online and can see there are some Indian dating sites specifically for those who are widowed or divorced. Could this be an option?
      Sending love
      Josie ❤


  3. If you go out there with the attitude that all men are… insert your favorite thing,. They will prove you right every time.
    Nicely written. I should send my nieces to you.


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